Residential Chimney Service

We offer “top-of-the-line” residential service here at Chimney Repair Buffalo. Many of our clients are residential because Buffalo and the surrounding areas are no strangers when it comes to chimneys, flues, and fire places. Our Winter weather in Buffalo is sometimes very harsh, and every family and a home needs a reliable method for keeping warm. Certain residential homes have natural gas heating (which needs vented) and many have central heating. Often backup sources will be needed to keep your entire home warm during the Winter months.

Many are turning to wood as a primary heat source or backup plan for their main heating. Usually a lot of the homes in the Buffalo area already have a nice stone or brick chimney which serves them well, but needs to be looked after, and maintained. If you do not find on the “Services” page what you are seeking, feel free to ask us, and we’ll come up with a solution for your chimney needs. If you are wanting to add an additional chimney to your home that is fine too. Perhaps you are wanting to install a wood burning stove in an additional room, or spare bedroom. We can help you to make sure you follow construction codes for chimneys and flues. We are experts and do this kind of work everyday.

We Also Make Residential Referrals at Chimney Repair Buffalo

Be especially careful of “Chimney Scammers” and other people offering any sort of services without proper credentials. They seem to offer everything in the home improvement industry at a price seemingly too good to be true. They often canvass from “door-to-door” or through phone solicitation. Make sure you thoroughly check out anyone or any business offering any type of home improvement services. If you have any questions at all regarding your chimney or flue, and recommended companies in the Buffalo area, give us a call at Chimney Repair Buffalo.