Chimney Repair Buffalo NY

Chimney Repair Buffalo NYChimney Repair Buffalo will help keep your chimney in good repair, or even help you get a new one built, if that is what you need. Besides repair we also provide services for construction, and what better place is there to offer chimney services than Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas. The climate and weather in Buffalo during the winter time definitely calls for a good chimney to keep your family, customers, and workers safe, clean, and warm. In this day and age of sustainable energy, many are turning to fire places, inserts, and wood stoves, for a heating source. The chimney or flue are very important for venting the smoke and other debris out into the open away from the indoors. With the fairly new secondary burn units offered in the stoves “now-a-days”, you can not only have a nice cozy almost “smoke free” fire, but you can also be assured that you are not polluting the environment. The contemporary wood stoves and fire place inserts conform to strict standards of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). You not only want to make sure you are creating a nice clean burn with your stove, or heating source, but also with your chimney.

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What Is One of the Main Requirements of a Good Chimney Repair Company in Buffalo?

If you do not have an expert “tuck-pointer” you do not have a chimney repair company at all. Sure, you might find a good “chimney sweep”, which we can provide you with, but a really good ‘ chimney sweep” does not do chimney repair on the average. Make sure when you hire a chimney repair specialist that they are certified, have a following, and are expert “tuck-pointers”. A good chimney repair company should be capable in building and maintaining all aspects of a chimney. If it is construction you are looking for, we also can provide that. But what is “tuck pointing”, and why is it so important?

What is Tuck-pointing?- As you most likely know, most classical chimneys are made of brick or stone. We do deal with other chimney and flue materials at Chimney Repair Buffalo, but bricks play a very big role in what we do. Brick chimneys, and stone, are made by stacking the bricks or stones one on top of another using mortar to hold the bricks or stones together. This has been a process for a very long time. The pioneers of America made chimneys, and they have been known to be used as early as the 12th century in Europe. Chimneys became common place in homes and business type establishments around the 16th and 17th centuries. Tuck-pointing is the method of repairing brick or stone structures by grinding out the old mortar holding the bricks or stones together, and replacing it with new mortar. It is an art form, when done properly.

Why Is Tuck-pointing”Necessary, and Does Your Chimney Need It?- If you are not sure that you need “tuck-pointing”, or what kind of shape your chimney is in, feel free to talk to our experts and they will answer your questions. You can even get a FREE ESTIMATE if you so desire. Sometimes chimney repair is needed and you can not really see it. It is best, even if your chimney is in seemingly good repair to have an expert look at it near the approach of winter months in Buffalo and the surrounding areas. The mortar between bricks and stone does not have the same life span as the brick and stones have, and it can begin to deteriorate. Stable mortar can not be easily scratched. Take something like a key or “case knife” and scape the mortar (a section of it between a couple of bricks or stones). If you can scape it, it needs to be replaced with new mortar. Mortar can get powdery (or soft) and begin to crumble. It is better to “save a stitch in time”, as the old saying goes, than to have to build a whole new chimney.  Sometimes only certain areas of your chimney needs to be replaced or repaired. The best thing to do if you are having a problem with your chimney or flue, is to ask for expert advice. We are here for you and do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have regarding your chimney and it’s required maintenance. Having a good chimney repair person is much like having a doctor. Stay on top of it, take good care of your chimney, and you will enjoy it for many years without outstanding problems.

Buffalo Chimney RepairBuffalo Chimney Repair Is Here To Take Care of Your Chimney and Flue Problems

Many don’t realize that a chimney or flue needs maintenance just like the rest of the home. It is not something that can just take care of it’s self. An unkept and poorly functioning chimney or flue can certainly be very dangerous, and ultimately very expensive, if you have to replace it or build one elsewhere. Make sure it is capable of doing the job it is intended for. Chimneys are meant to last for years and years. It is often the last standing feature you will see of an old homestead. Just because chimneys are so strong, it does not mean they are functional. It is always best in the Buffalo area, where it gets very cold in the Winter, to have your chimney or flue checked by a specialist. So what are some of the most common problems that people have with their chimney or flue?

  • Chimney Cap and Crown Needs Repair or Replaced
  • Cracks in Chimney Lining or Flue
  • Brickwork and Stonework Mortar Decaying
  • Complete Blockage in Chimney or Flue
  • Dangerous Creosote Build Up

As stated before, it is best to have your chimney or flue inspected every year for signs of problems. Make sure you also start out each Winter season with a clean chimney. We here at Chimney Repair Buffalo are ready to help you and be at your service for the best in heating for the long cold winter months.